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In an era of say anything politics, it’s especially important to hold our elected leaders to account. Especially when it’s clear that said leaders are engaging in said types of politics.  So let’s be clear on the following.

Reporting in the Rappahannock News, and minutes and videos of Board of Supervisors meetings, show that Supervisor Christine Smith did not, as one writer declares, solve the county’s refuse and recycling problems. That solution was squarely handled by our county administrator, Mr. Garrey Curry, with other board members doing site visits, interviewing vendors, and examining logistics.

Another writer extends their gratitude for Smith’s work to close roads to tourists at the onset of the pandemic, but the record shows she didn’t actually do this work. On the contrary, Smith called publicly for re-opening the county just as the pandemic reached its most critical phase, while others worked with the National Park Service to keep tourists away.

Supervisor Smith did not, as yet another letter extols, lead the charge to make broadband a reality for our county. In fact, quite the opposite: She abstained on THE crucial vote. That’s not leadership. That’s called CYA in an election year.

One supporter of Smith recently praised her for her leadership on fire and rescue issues.  In fact, Supervisor Smith abstained on a vote to put paid advanced life support personnel 24/7 at Chester Gap. And did this without acknowledging the huge tax savings for citizens achieved through a cooperative partnership with Warren County. Let’s hear it again:  highlight, underline, bold  “She abstained on advanced life support staffing for our citizens”!  If you’re reading this, by now you should be angry.  

Come to think of it, the only tangible piece of action I can find in Ms. Smith's record is a "No Trucks on Water Street” sign (where a family member happened to have a house). Boy, what a striking piece of legislation.

True leaders show up. True leaders stand by their convictions.  True leaders work to make a difference for everyone. Most importantly, true leaders tell the truth.

That's why this Nov. 2, I'm casting my vote for Cliff Miller: a man of integrity, business acumen, and vision for civility. Piedmont District deserves a leader we can trust. Piedmont deserves a leader of action.

Robert Archer

Piedmont District


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