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I write with great sadness on this day of the 19th of June (Juneteenth), almost one hundred years after the Tulsa Massacre because the pain to our black — and brown neighbors continues today.

Some of that pain comes from voicing of insensitive opinions such as those expressed in Robert Russell’s    letter to the editor in this week’s Rappahannock News. His condescending “All Lives Matter” piece makes no distinction between the many savage acts throughout history worldwide, and the continuing threats, often from police, to the lives of black people today.   

Yet, to my mind there is a great distinction between acts of public policy and policing that we can effect through our voices and actions, and those in the past, or happening now in distant cities and foreign lands  

And today, intimidation remains. Peaceful demonstrators in Madison just recently were watched by a flank of men with guns on display.  

We live in a county where many honor the Confederacy and oppression of black citizens continued into our times. It takes courage for local folks to demonstrate their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Dominic Wilson is to be praised for his courage and conviction.  He needs support, not condescension.

Eve Brooks


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