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There’s a very important election coming up in November, particularly for Rappahannock County, our Board of Supervisors and Piedmont District. While I am unable to attend many of the meetings in person, I keep up with the videos of the meetings, and let me tell you, they are a real eye-opener.

One thing I notice about the Piedmont Representative on the board, Christine Smith, she is always prepared for these meetings, comes ready to work and moves the agenda forward. No grandstanding or kicking the can down the road. At the end of the day, that’s what the county needs more of, common sense solutions, like saving money on our local refuse and recycling efforts. Solutions like this keep the county attractive and avoid tax increases.

Have you noticed how much cleaner the county roadsides have become? That’s because the new compactors prevent debris from flying out of trucks and littering our roadways. Compacting refuse also saves us big bucks — about a quarter of a million dollars a year in fuel savings from fewer compacted loads.

Smith worked long, hard and quietly to negotiate a smart, money-saving agreement with Page County. Let’s re-elect Christine to represent Piedmont District on Nov. 2, so she can continue to make great decisions that benefit all the people of Rappahannock.

Yoko Barsky



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