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In my eyes, the Board of Supervisors are stewards of the County of Rappahannock for the good of all residents, we could not ask for a better steward than Christine Smith of Piedmont District. She has been dedicated these last four years and deserves four more years to continue to work for us, the citizens of Rappahannock County.

On the Board of Supervisors currently, Smith has voted to keep our taxes under control and vowed not to support large tax hikes. Remember there is no such thing as government funded it is all taxpayer funded. She is accountable for the items she has voted for and against.

She is a candidate that is committed to Rappahannock County and our rural way of living. She will strive to do what is best for our rural community, by keeping us rural. We must remember country living is so special because once it is gone, you can never get it back. People flock to Rappahannock County because they know the county is wonderful. Please give Smith the opportunity to continue to keep our County wonderful, she knows it is worth working for and protecting. 

After listening to the ending speeches from the 2021 Rappahannock County Candidate Forum, her speech was from the heart. Please vote to reelect Smith on Nov. 2. She has shown that her heart and mind are in the right place for Rappahannock County.


George and Marlina Lee



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