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Upon reading the October 14 letter to the editor entitled “Ideological narratives and mandates perpetuate a COVID-19 lie,” we simply Googled “covid 19 death rate according to cdc.”

The CDC’s COVID 19 Data Tracker states that the total number of COVID cases in the U.S. (as of October 19) are 8,081,489 with total deaths of 218,511 — so the death rate is 2.7 percent for all age groups. What are we missing? Are there more COVID cases and deaths in this country than reported by the CDC? Almost certainly yes, but this is the data at hand.

We agree with the writer that if one is in good health, exercises and does not smoke, then the chances of surviving COVID, as with many inflictions, are extremely high. But, for goodness sake, wearing a mask and keeping your distance, as the CDC suggests, is just not that burdensome.

It has been well documented that masks and distancing reduce the risk of spreading droplets carrying the virus particles. Wouldn’t one think the risk of wearing a mask is far lower than the risk of the disease? And these preventative measures may save the lives of the more vulnerable folks around us.

In the future, we humbly ask the News to please publish COVID-related advice from certified Medical Doctors with expertise in the field of infectious diseases.

Kathryn Smith 

Nicholas Smith


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