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Ever wonder why the 5th congressional district is long and skinny, going from Rappahannock County to the North Carolina border? 

Well, today, and throughout Virginia’s history, our electoral districts are drawn out of the public eye by the majority party so that incumbents will be advantaged in the election. 

In essence our elected representatives get to choose their voters. It’s a process called gerrymandering and it is enshrined in the state constitution which mandates that the members of the general assembly draw their own districts.

But passage of Amendment 1 to the Virginia Constitution would change all that. Amendment One is on this year’s ballot. It will create a bipartisan commission to draw electoral maps in Virginia. The commission would include citizens and require all meetings to be open to the public.

Passage of the amendment would assure that next year and every 10 years after the census results are in, the process of redistricting (drawing the new election districts lines) will be fairer and less partisan. 

To make Virginia a fairer Democracy vote for Amendment 1.

Eve Brooks



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