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Republican Congressman Robert “Bob” Good, representing Virginia’s 5th district which contains Rappahannock County, wrote this the day following the horrific bloody event last week that took place in the U.S. Capitol: 

Regarding his “constitutional duty” of voting to overturn State certified election results, "This is … to ensure election integrity and to not accept electoral submissions from states with sufficient evidence of fraud…” 

“Evidence of fraud”? Shame on him. 

Election fraud and other cases brought before various levels of courts — including some judges appointed by the President himself and as high as the U.S. Supreme Court — dismissed 61 desperate cases of false accusations. Some presiding voices even reprimanded those sycophants before them. 

Nowhere in his Jan. 7 press release does the Congressman speak of remorse for any of those who died, including a Capitol Hill policeman who was there to protect this elected official from harm. 

My late husband worked in the U.S. Senate for 36 years. I can tell you what I think he would say of the Congressman’s words and actions: Rep. Good should be censured by the U.S. House of Representatives along with others whose selfish motivations have been put above our Constitution.

Is this what Rappahannock stands for as a county? If so, then shame on us, too.

Megan Smith


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