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I write in response to last week’s editorial, “Christine Smith deserves your vote,” written by a Sperryville Main Street neighbor whom I respect for her and her family’s contributions to this community. As mentioned in the editorial, “we can disagree without being disagreeable.”  

The writer cites Smith’s election as chair of the Board of Supervisors as an example of her "Proven Leadership." One year later, Smith was fired from this position by the very same Board. 

Smith’s accomplishments as vice chair of the Planning Commission are far from significant.  In fact, it is dismal. During her two-year tenure, the comprehensive plan languished and only passed after she left the commission. She failed to address a public arts ordinance supported by her community and made zero progress on the long-overdue sign ordinance. Most egregious is her failure to resolve the status of the “Welcome to Sperryville” mural. It remains in legal limbo to this day. 

Smith has had more than three years to address one of the most pressing issues in Sperryville — traffic calming and pedestrian safety. I worked closely with her to draft a resolution to study the problem; she failed to approve it. She has repeatedly failed to address speed issues on Sperryville Pike, Main Street and U.S. Route 211. Sperryville’s sidewalk is unsafe and traffic moves too fast. Her solution was to spend $5,000 of taxpayer dollars to paint white lines on the road — a recycled and ineffective strategy we tested five years ago at no cost to taxpayers.

I have led a number of important efforts in the community including SperryFest, the bicentennial, the Sperryville community study, the summer concert series, and the Sperryville river walk. Smith has played no role in any of them.  After more than years of prodding and seeking to work with her, I can point to no substantive improvements she has led. 

Leaders lead. Smith is no leader. 

Kerry Sutten


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