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You might say we have a ‘mixed marriage.’ One of us is a lifelong (75 plus years) Republican and the other, a former Republican, is now an Independent. It’s important information because we want you to know we are both supporting an extraordinary candidate, John Lesinski, as the Democratic Party nominee for the 5th Congressional District in the upcoming June 23rd primary. 

In today’s divisive world, we write to encourage everyone to vote for the person, not just the party. Without the contributions of varying ideas, we shall never progress as a country. We firmly believe, like many national thought leaders we know and respect, that should the bitter national divisiveness continue, our country will continue a dangerous downward spiral that has begun in recent years. 

Bill, the family Republican, was appointed to head the FBI in 1978 by Democratic President Jimmy Carter and remained there to serve under Republican President Ronald Reagan. In 1988 President Reagan appointed him to serve as director of Central Intelligence. 

We know John Lesinski to be an extremely capable person of character that you can trust to do what is best not just for us living here in the district, but also for the country. He and his wife Heidi deeply love this area and have been active and effective citizens here

As a leader in the military, business, and in local government, John will serve the 5th District proud and will work to restore trust in our elected officials and Washington. 

Judge William H. Webster and Lynda Webster



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