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Try as I might, I just can’t justify the comments Mary Sherman Willis, Chair of Rappahannock Democrat Committee, made in last week’s Rappahannock News, despite President Biden’s call for unity for our country. 

Granted, I was happy to read the beginning, with good news about her committee members helping people here in Rappahannock find out how to make and get to appointments for COVID-19 vaccines. That is surely commendable. 

However, Ms. Willis then proceeded to excoriate Republicans, specifically, for attending the recent Board of Supervisors meeting “with their bare faces hanging out,” stating they were spreading a dangerous message, and then, finally, asking if the county’s Republicans had even done anything to get word out about the vaccine sign up. Huge virtue signaling. Democrats good, Republicans bad. 

I attended that BOS meeting and the vast majority wore masks. We need leadership on the journey to the unity President Biden is suggesting. A leader might have decided on a better step on this journey by possibly contacting Republican committee members to see if they’d like to join in helping people find out and obtain the Covid-19 vaccine. 

In a PATH Foundation Community Conversation last year, one of the guest speakers, Wes Moore, suggested that a positive way forward is that we, as Americans, can join together to address and resolve the myriad concerns that face our society. We have lots of amazing citizens and volunteers here in Rappahannock already doing that, as Americans. Bravo to them. To me, that is a better way to make the necessary journey to unity.

Sheila Gresinger 


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