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Kid Pan Alley would like to extend a special thank you to our friends in the Northern Piedmont community for your support and generosity during this year's Give Local Piedmont fundraising campaign. Thanks to you — along with our many donors from around the country and matching contributions from the Kid Pan Alley Board of Directors — we will be able to bring our songwriting programs to an additional 2,000 children in the coming school year. 

Kid Pan Alley was born in Rappahannock 21 years ago. We remain committed to serving our home community and will be working in the local schools again in the fall. We are so grateful for all that you do to help Kid Pan Alley bring the power of music to children. Especially in these rocky times, songwriting provides a much-needed outlet for kids to express their feelings, connect with their peers, and foster their inner creativity.

Thank you for helping more children find their song.

Jen Jacobsen

Executive Director, Kid Pan Alley


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