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To join the fray regarding the now infamous hay bales on 211, whenever I drive by that sign on that huge field I think of how lucky we are that, because of how spread out we are, in spite of some folks not taking the pandemic seriously, we have not lost a lot of lives in Rapp. 

But it also reminds me of how many lives were lost needlessly in our country as a result of the bombastic, boastful incompetence of the administration, which chose to politicize it rather than pull us all together and follow the best medical and scientific advice to keep it under control. 

If we had just achieved the same per capita results as Canada, a country that puts its pants on the same way we do, with rural areas and small towns, large cities, malls, international travel and all, we would have lost an astonishing 100,000 fewer souls in this country. They did the basic things — lockdowns that were not second guessed by their leader, timely tests, contact tracing, isolation of the affected, and masks. 

And they were not the best at it. If we had done what others like Germany did we would have lost many, many fewer citizens.

It may be a comfort to those who object to the sign or its subject, that as a writer to this newspaper recently reminded us, the sign is made of hay bales which will eventually be eaten, and then they will disappear, one day like a miracle they will disappear … and turn into manure.

Casey Eitner


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