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I find it interesting that the Chairman of the Planning Commission, David Konick, and the entire Planning Commission are ignoring the public in their recent public hearing on the changes to the county's Comprehensive Plan. 

To have a resolution sending the Comprehensive Plan on to the Board of Supervisors at the very same meeting where the Planning Commission is receiving public comment says, with a very loud voice, the public comments are irrelevant. 

In reading your last issue, there appear to be some very real issues that were brought up by the public. Mr. Konick and the Planning Commission made some cursory and perhaps illegal efforts to include those comments as the Plan was to be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors. 

It has been an extremely and an illegally long time since the Plan was reviewed, so what does another month mean to make sure the public input is incorporated into the plan. 

Incorporate the public input into the plan. That seems simple enough.

David Woodman


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