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In my life I have observed government on many levels. Since retiring, in 2007, I have attended the Board of Supervisors meeting here in Rappahannock County.

During his time on the BOS, John Lesinski was an outstanding member of the board. What I observed was a man that always came prepared for his responsibilities. He was well spoken and serious about the work of the board. Those coming before the board with reports were asked intelligent, thoughtful questions. Public comment was treated with respect. He treated employees as the experts that they are.

Our nation, and the world, is going through a sea change. Our national government has a lot to do. Climate change, equality, job security, epidemics, poverty, health care, housing, recessions, food insecurity, Democracy, here in America, and around the world are increasingly pressing challenges.

John Lesinski has a local view, a national view and a world view. He wants to be part of solutions. He wants to represent you, the citizen of the 5th Congressional District of Virginia. The first step is for you to vote for him in the June 23rd Democratic Congressional Primary. 

Anita Ramos