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Must be a hoax that a guy got elected to Congress who thinks losing 3,000 lives a day, and likely over half a million before the coronavirus gets under control, is not a pandemic. 

I know others have already commented on Bob Good’s pandemic hoax claims in this paper, but I am beside myself with anger and frustration that folks whom I know and who otherwise have heads on their shoulders promoted him and voted for him. 

What drove me to write this letter was finding out the other day that yet another friend died of the virus. That makes four people I know gone from this world, and who knows how many more before it’s over. Not that any life is expendable, but the latest one was a respected scientist who had done incredible public service running labs that got many of the drugs available to patients and doctors in this country tested for safety over the last two decades. 

Many of these lives did not have to be lost, if we were not subjected to so-called leaders like Bob Good who undermine public faith in science and politicize basic health measures that could dramatically reduce the horrible death rates — like wearing masks, getting tested, and staying away from others if sick.

Now as members of Congress are all being vaccinated, they should pass a rule that any member, current or pending, who undermines the fight against the pandemic, should immediately be put at the very back of the line for the vaccine. It should go to someone who is worthy of it, not to hoax promoters.

Casimir P. Eitner


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