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It sure is heartening to see the King Canute Society so well represented in Rappahannock County. King Canute, you may recall, was the mythical king who put his scepter in the sand and futilely ordered the tide not to come in. Based on their recent comments in the Rappahannock News, Ben Jones and Ron Maxwell seem to be members in good standing of that august group.

Their reflexive hostility to the kind of thoughtful, prudent and economically viable development proposed by Chuck Akre with his Rush River Commons project is a seminal example of attempts to impede the progress which is inevitable and necessary.   

We sit 75 miles as the crow flies from the heart of the nations’ capital. Six of the top 10 wealthiest counties in the entire United States of America are in the Washington, D.C. metro region, and all are roughly a 90-minute drive to Rappahannock outside rush hour.

All those people and all that wealth are going to go somewhere, including into our county. Does anyone really think the widening of I-66 stops in Haymarket? That the Orange Line (or some other surface rail) will never run to Front Royal?

That the development at Clevenger’s Corner is the last of its kind in the area? Change is inevitable and it is coming to Rappahannock County, welcome or not, and Mr. Akre’s project is exactly the kind of appropriate and productive change we should welcome with open arms. 

The King Canute Society can protest and complain all they want, but the tide is going to come in.

Randall Fort



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