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Which character in a space drama careened down hallways broadcasting, “Warning, warning. Danger, danger,” or words to that effect? In my opinion, we seem to have entered the most dangerous time our country has faced in awhile. Instant gratification in rush to judgements without regard to facts yet uncovered. 

Years ago, while I was a substitute teacher for middle school students here in Rappahannock, one of the teachers left the movie “Twelve Angry Men” for me to show one day. That movie reinforces my ideas about our country today in many circumstances. 

Online research about the movie stated, in part, “it may be even more important today when media sensationalism has such a strong effect on public perception.”

In his review, Reginald Ross stated, “... initially, most of the jurors are willing to vote quickly and, having done their duty, leave. Juror Eight refuses to take their shared responsibility this lightly. …They eventually are able to overcome their biases and jointly conclude [a specific] verdict is warranted.” 

This is an American danger and we in Rappahannock County need to be aware, to stop and research all facts, not rushing to judgement, to keep on being brave enough to speak up in the face of differing opinions and to be allowed to do so. Keep the message of “Twelve Angry Men” in mind and let’s go forward in the positive paths we can forge together.

Sheila Gresinger


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