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We are living through a national tragedy being forced upon us by federal and state mandates, laws, and policies. This upcoming election will be the most important local election in our history.

This election represents the last chance to retain the existing culture and traditions of Rappahannock County. Electing a person to office is synonymous with hiring a person to manage your affairs.

If you don’t want bike trails, excessive tourism and development, you must cast your vote wisely. We need a BOS that will support local laws and ordinances. David Konick and Christine Smith stood on the law as it relates to recent zoning applications. They did not cave for a specific application or person. 

Weaponizing the education system to indoctrinate, and mandate rules to children in the public schools is shameful. We need a School Board that will push back against illegal mandates and recognize parent’s rights in raising their children. Larry Grove and Rachel Bynum have demonstrated time and again their support for whatever edict comes out of Richmond. Lilla Fletcher and Rod Osborne will support parent’s rights to have a role in their children’s education and healthcare.

Clearly, it is in the best interest of the county, its citizens, their children and future generations, to vote for David Konick, Christine Smith, Lilla Fletcher and Rod Osborne.

Roy Ellis



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