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If you have friends who aren't vaccinated or know individuals you would like to visit misfortune upon, consider the following strategy:

Discourage them from getting the vaccine. Tell lies. I'll list some examples here, but check Fox News for more, or make up your own. There is no law against telling lies. 

1. The government wants to implant microchips in everyone's arms.  

2. The vaccine is experimental, and you're a guinea pig.

3. Vaccines cause sterility (or impotence, or just make up something)

4. Getting the vaccine violates your personal freedom. 

Don't limit your efforts to conversation. Use postings on social media also. Success is not guaranteed, but your chances are getting better. This new Delta variant is more contagious and more lethal than the prior COVID virus. Areas with low vaccination rates are seeing an increase in infections. 

Don't forget to discourage use of masks — an important part of the plan. Even fully vaccinated individuals can get sick with this new strain, but this is mainly an epidemic of the non-vaccinated. You, yourself will be smart enough to get your shots, wear your mask, and mostly stay home for a bit. But your target audience should be smaller when this is over. 

Robert Burney, MD



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