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These brief words are intended for everyone who would vote 11/3 for a liberal candidate.

You either failed or were never taught four academic subjects: American history, world socialist alternatives, elementary economics and, most importantly, basic logic. Your further education has been from an information and entertainment media dominated by commentators imbued with nihilistic objectives rather than the objective news reporters.

If you think the United States should not be #1 in the world … which should?

Do China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela look good … all would!

Universally discredited utopian concepts, sacrificing any opportunity for individual freedom and individual fulfillment, have been taught to developing adults, while works by philosophers and seers languish in libraries. Hatred, criminal violence and desecrations have become justifiable means and encouraged by the left to end the most successful political system our world has evolved.

How can you save a worthwhile society for our grandkids? Decide which candidates respect our sacred history, understand basic economics and support continuing our Constitution/Declaration of Independence promised civil rights. Knowledge, values and logic — not emotion — should dictate your choice.

Now, vote with pride. I still will.

Phil Irwin

Flint Hill

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