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Our beloved country is on the verge of destruction by Democrats. As you prepare to vote, consider this simple, yet extremely important question. What would ultimately happen to our country under a Biden/Harris administration? 

In a nutshell: America as we know it, would end. 

Freedom. Liberty. Such powerful words we often take for granted. 

The Democrats tell us openly that they want to regulate speech — while they preach “hate has no home here.” Conservative, logical speech, and certainly pro-life speech, is under severe attack at our schools and universities. Democrats tell us that American values, Judeo-Christian values, are now racist, xenophobic, and intolerant. This is beyond ridiculous. 

They want to take away our guns, and our right to protect ourselves, while crime is rising. They want to regulate how we can travel, how we heat and cool our homes, and how we grow our food. Remember, the green new deal, as promoted on [Joe] Biden’s website, says no fossil fuels should be used whatsoever. Do you like your truck, or your car? Do you like your tractor? Do you like to travel by airplane? 

The forces trying to rip our country apart are strong and well-funded by international extremists such as George Soros (just one example). You have seen the radicals destroy parts of Portland, Seattle, New York and so on. The Democrats tell us “this is just peaceful protesting.” We are not fooled. 

America the beautiful, the land of the free. But maybe not for long? Vote Republican to save our country. May God Bless America.

CA Cole 


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