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In recent weeks the Virginia legislature passed the 2021 budget to spend the proceeds of the American Rescue Plan (HB 7001). This budget provides funding for salary raises for law enforcement officers, replenishes the unemployment fund, increases funding for college education and mental health services, supports access to high speed internet for all Virginians by 2024 and other projects improving the quality of life for all Virginians. With all this, it still ends up with a budget surplus.

This budget bill passed with significant bipartisan support; more than half of the Republican caucus voted in favor. Unfortunately Michael Webert, the delegate from our 18th District was among the minority who voted against this excellent legislation. This is not in the least bit surprising; Webert seems to think the duty of a delegate is simply to vote against any bill that crosses his desk. In the combined 2020-21 sessions there were 115 “key votes,” according to Vote Smart. Webert voted “aye” on only 20 of those.

The 18th District deserves better. We need a delegate who evaluates legislation on its merits, and votes in the interest of the citizens of the district and of Virginia. That doesn’t seem to be Webert.

Douglas Ward


Candidate for House of Delegates

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