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Virginia ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) is pleased to announce that they have been accepted and are now officially members of the Virginia VOAD (Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster — https://vavoad.org).

VOAD serves the community in times of disaster, and ARES is an integral part of providing emergency communications. As such, this builds a more effective foundation for serving the needs of community in difficult times. ARES is part of the ARRL, Amateur Radio Relay League, and is responsible for emergency communications utilizing Amateur Radio. 

Essential communication is a vital part to any aspect of emergency operation and ARES provides a key role that does not require landlines or cell phones to transmit essential communications. They have the ability to transmit without the need of normal communications, thus assuring the flow of situational awareness and vital needs to those that need to receive that information. 

This is a volunteer role, and those who participate are trained to work in difficult environments. They are pleased to be part of Virginia VOAD and look forward to building relationships and adding effective communications to the very essential role that VOAD has in Virginia. To learn more about Amateur Radio, visit the ARRL website at www.arrl.org

Dave Minyard

Virginia ARES

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