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I read in the Rappahannock News that someone was upset with the Make America Great sign at Massies Corner. Well gosh, put up your own Biden sign on hay bales. A good idea is a good idea no matter who comes up with it. I’m sure there must be Biden supporters with hay bales. Go for it! Maybe I’ll put some up saying I Love My Mom.

Since the hay bales have made the Washington Post newspaper, someone had better hurry because I’m sure the news people will be out with camera crews, spreading the word all over this nation. So someone can say, “Hey, over here — we have one for Biden, too!”

Rappahannock County, Virginia made famous from hay bales. Not only do we have the famous Inn at Little Washington, but now we have Massies Corner Hay Bales.

Citizens of Rappahannock: Get a piece of the action now. Speaking of hay bales, no matter how small your lot, there is a cute little round bale, complete with American flags at Main Street and Harris Hollow Road in the town of Washington. Drive by and see it.

Well Rappahannock, let’s have a grand Make History Hay Bale Contest.

Rappahannock made famous, again — from her beauty came hay bales! Yes!

Sharron Proper


P.S. Who knows what famous people might come to see our hay bales.

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