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Last week Mr. [Robert] Russell gives Dominic Wilson a pat on the head and then cites Blacks killing Blacks, Jews killed in the holocaust and abortions as reasons [“Crimes of humans against humans,” June 18 letter to the editor]. 

Dominic should agree that All Lives Matter. Russell further suggests Dominic grow up to join the sheriff’s department, where he can show that All Lives Matter. The letter, thinly disguised as praise for Dominic, downplays the importance of Black lives by refusing to acknowledge the BLM slogan and superimposing All Lives Matter. In a Facebook discussion, some individuals insist that saying Black Lives Matter raises one race above others and is, therefore, racist and unacceptable. Would “Black Lives Matter, Too” be acceptable? 

Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean anything more than it says. It’s not about choosing between Black lives and police. It’s about police, and the rest of us, respecting Blacks and offering them the same security and opportunities that Whites enjoy, beginning with the opportunity to live free from unwarranted aggression. We don’t just need to look at policing policies we need to look at our own individual attitudes and beliefs and the systems in place to perpetuate inequality.

The indisputable fact is that Black lives have not mattered over and over and over again. Can we agree on that and move forward to improve policing and race relations so that Blacks receive the same respect and opportunities enjoyed by Whites? I’m with Dominic — black lives matter!

Sally Latham Haynes


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