Fifth District Congressional candidate Dr. Cameron Webb (left) and former Rappahannock County Supervisors John Lesinski listen to speakers at Sunday evening’s Community Gathering for Peace and Justice in Woodville.

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I am writing to thank Rappahannock County voters and to offer my whole-hearted support for Dr. Cameron Webb for Congress in our Fifth District. As a fellow candidate for the office in the Democratic primary, and despite COVID-19, I had an opportunity to get to know Dr. Webb from a unique perspective. Over the past few months, I’ve developed utmost respect for his character, his broad base of knowledge, and his spirit of inclusiveness. 

A recent event highlights these characteristics and provides a window into the man. On June 19th, at the Juneteenth celebration in Appomattox, Dr. Webb was a featured speaker. He eloquently summarized that important day in our nation’s history and talked about his passion for equality and justice. Spying me in the crowd, he graciously afforded me the opportunity to say a few words, something a candidate for office would rarely do for an opponent and a welcome respite from the blood sport that politics has become today. This and other small but kind gestures exemplify the collaborative, respectful leadership style so desperately needed in Washington. A healer by nature, Dr. Webb will work to bind the wounds of divisiveness that are tearing our country apart. 

I also want to express my sincere appreciation to the members of this community who supported me in the primary campaign and over the past eight years while I served in local public office. It has been my honor and privilege and I look forward to remaining engaged by continuing in my volunteer capacities. Please join me now in supporting Dr. Cameron Webb. There is so much work to be done. Dr. Webb has demonstrated a tireless commitment to the good people of the 5th District and deserves nothing less from us. 

John Lesinski

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