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Currently Americans are suffering under a pandemic that is killing us at an average rate of 700 people a day. While this is going on, our federal government is making the situation worse: by lying and ignoring the medical data and by sheer incompetence.

And as it happens this year, our election, in the 5th district of Virginia, illuminates two contrasting approaches to governing that can mean life and death for us.

On the one hand the Republican candidate believes that government should dictate the most personal details about the lives of its citizens: who may marry whom, which public bathroom a person may use, and he would insert the government between a woman and her doctor in medical decisions.

On the other hand, as an actual medical doctor, Dr. Cameron Webb has made his life study not only the care and well being of his patients, but in the field of public health, the creation of positive outcomes when the health of each one of us affects the well being of us all. As in a global pandemic.

Dr. Webb understands that this is a time when government must step up to enable the medical community to gather the data it needs to establish best practices, to marshal the production and distribution of essential equipment and to get crucial information out to the public in a calm and serious manner. Dr. Webb’s knowledge and truth can rally the public to act with courage and determination to prevail over this crisis, suffering as few deaths and as little economic disruption as possible.

This is the work Dr. Webb was born to do. Vote for the doctor. Vote like your life depends on it.

Linda Croxson


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