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Beginning July 1 member-owners of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) will vote to elect directors to the REC Board of Directors. You will have three ways to vote: online at www.myrec.coop, by mail-in proxy, or live at the remote annual meeting on Aug. 11. 

I encourage you to vote for the incumbents Darlene Carpenter and Chris Shipe. Why vote for the incumbent directors? They, along with the other directors, have worked diligently to find the right balance in the equation of bringing you reliable energy at an affordable cost while making sure REC’s operations are sustainable. Electric bills can be a major part of a member-owner’s budget and Darlene and Chris understand the financial struggles they face. REC’s Board of Directors analyze and take very seriously projects that will not only bring the greatest cost benefits to its member-owners but also keep the cost of power affordable. 

Darlene and Chris are accessible and very involved in their communities. When members have a concern, they listen and take them seriously. Rural broadband, renewable energy and energy efficiency have been big concerns of our member-owners. Darlene and Chris, along with the other members of the Board, are constantly working to find common sense solutions to these and other concerns. 

Transparency is always a top priority of REC’s Board of Directors and the board works to ensure our members can access information about the cooperative and the board. Open elections are of utmost importance, too, and the board is always working to make sure voting is easy and accessible for member-owners. 

Please take the time to vote.        

Rev. Sanford Reaves, Jr., REC Director Region IV  



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