Okay, I just have to have my say. Looking over the 11/21 edition of the newspaper I was completely floored and sickened with the photo of the black bear. Call me naïve, but I did not know it was dead until I read the narrative. 

Heartsick over this senseless tragedy and photo, I hastily flipped through the newspaper to read something else and get that horrible image out of my head. And, what page do I land on? The photo of hunters with two dead bucks in the back of a pickup, one of which had its head severed. Come on, I get hunting, but I really do not want to look at dead, mutilated deer in my newspaper. 

I see enough dead deer on the road. Whoever is selecting the photos as a local news/dead space filler (pun), please think, maybe some of your readers don’t like to, or want to, see photos of dead and mutilated animals in their newspaper. I for one don’t.

Barbara Sharp


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