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I had the unmitigated pleasure (joy really) of seeing the closing performance of RAAC’s production of Waiting For Godot.

I’m a professional actress in New York City who has simultaneously survived and strutted the boards for the last 25 years, so I’m probably a grumpy, bored, judgmental audience member at this point, no matter where I am or what I see. 

But last Sunday afternoon in Little Washington the lights went down, the show began, and I leaned forward the whole time. I laughed. I was moved, too many times to count. I thought hard and audibly. And heard many folks around me doing the same. 

The performances were stellar, the designers deliciously devoured it, and the direction was top notch. 

So to those of you reading this, go to RAAC’s shows. This was a gem I won’t soon forget. 

Tasha Lawrence

New York

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