It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic: “Citing Holy Bible as authority, Sonnett appeals case to Virginia Supreme Court” (Rappahannock News, August 1, 2019). Perhaps Mr. Sonnett should appeal to the Higher Authority for help in his day job as Assistant Town Attorney up the road in Front Royal. 

Up there the former director of the Economic Development Authority, which is partially funded by taxpayers of the Town, has been accused in 14 felony criminal charges of embezzling or misdirecting twenty million dollars (yes, that’s $20,000,000!). Perhaps if Sonnett’s office had been doing its job it would have been providing the legal oversight to prevent such a travesty and a fleecing of Warren County and Front Royal taxpayers.  

Let’s face it: this Sonnett vs. the Rappahannock Board of Supervisors over an alleged Conflict of Interest charge is really a sour grapes lawsuit dropped on the citizenry because the plaintiff didn’t get the job as Rappahannock’s County Attorney. In hindsight, it looks like our BOS may have actually done the right thing here. If the EDA debacle happened on his watch in Front Royal then Sonnett probably wasn’t the right guy for our community!

Mr. Sonnett should get on with his life and focus on his current day job. The Circuit Court has already thrown this case out and now Rappahannock taxpayers may have to fund a defense in the Supreme Court of Virginia. But then, Mr. Sonnett already has a proven track record of wasting the taxpayer’s money.

John R. Bourgeois

Tiger Valley

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