Recent days witnessed four mass shootings in the United States, two occurring within hours of each other, with gunmen opening fire at a garlic festival, two neighborhood Wal-Marts, and a city’s entertainment district. Reaction in Virginia to the string of murders was swift:

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, Democrat: “It’s been two months since 12 people were killed in Virginia Beach. I called a special session because we have a gun violence emergency — no action. Mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton killed 32 this week. When I say we have a gun violence emergency, this is what I mean.”

Republican Kirk Cox, Speaker, Virginia House of Delegates: “This weekend a pair of evil men committed evil acts of violence against innocent people living innocent lives. I strongly and unequivocally condemn terrorism based on the twisted ideology of white supremacy. All people are created equally in the image of God, and those who perpetuate violence based on race are some of the purest evil this world has ever known.”

Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn, Minority Leader, Virginia House of Delegates: “It is almost one month since Virginia Republicans quickly adjourned our special legislative session without discussion, debate or voting on 8 gun violence prevention bills. Not even worthy of a discussion?”

Laura Galante, Democratic candidate, Virginia’s 18th House District: “34 Americans died in mass shootings this week alone.We mourn and pray for the families who lost loved ones in El Paso, Dayton, Gilroy and Southaven, but we owe these families more than words . . . It’s time our politicians took their responsibility to preserve both public safety and the Second Amendment seriously . . . In Virginia's General Assembly that means enacting common sense measures.”

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Democrat: “Dayton. El Paso. Mass shootings are a regular event in America. And so many are driven by a toxic mix of hatred and easy gun access . . . Any President should recognize that this is a national emergency and demand Congress take action. But this President covers for the NRA and stokes hatred of immigrants and minorities. Why is he blind to the carnage?”

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, Democrat: “First El Paso, now our country is grieving with the people of Dayton as well. We can't accept daily mass shootings as the new normal.”

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