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The tragic murders in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, are grisly reminders that our nation and state’s failure to regulate guns has tragic consequences. Both Texas and Ohio lack the minimal regulations experts recommend. 

Our elected leaders, both national and local, fail to keep our citizens safe. At the national level, the president takes the lid off violence, by spewing hate and supporting hateful ideology. 

We in Virginia, with the Virginia Beach murders, have recent reminders that this state too, with its open carry laws, and gun show availability, must act. Even in bucolic Rappahannock, our own children were threatened by a planned school shooter just a couple of years ago.

At the state level, our elected Republican dominated Virginia General Assembly, just last month, walked out of a special session on gun control. [Rappahannock] Delegate Michael Webert, who is up for reelection, followed his leaders to close down the session. And during the session, he repeatedly voted down provisions to protect the public by reasonable steps to limit access to guns.

At the national level, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocks reasonable action passed by the House.

It is clear that ending the NRA/Republican domination of American political institutions will bring an end to this horrendous violence. Our votes count!

Eve Brooks


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