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I wanted to add in a few things to complement an April 15 article in the Rappahannock News about marijuana [“Marijuana will be legal in July. Now What?”]. Any serious discussion about marijuana should include some history of how it became illegal in the first place. It had always been called “cannabis” until 1930s drug czar Harry Anslinger decided the Spanish word was scarier-sounding and somehow the name stuck. A few of Anslinger’s choice quotes:

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The General Assembly’s decision to make Virginia the 15th state to legalize small quantities of recreational marijuana has drawn mixed reactions. While some see the bill as a progressive move in the right direction, others see it as the first step down a slippery slope.

Remember, I’m not invested in whether the decision to release Vincent Martin was the right one or wrong one. And I’m not in a position to fully understand the procedures and policies that were or weren’t followed.

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By state mandate, Rappahannock County is responsible for providing 79.996% of the funding for its public education budget. Only eight school divisions in the commonwealth pay a greater percentage; Arlington, Alexandria, Bath, Fairfax City, Falls Church, Goochland, Highland and Surry counties all pay an even 80% of their education expenses.