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I am the proud creator/instigator of the “Respect Rappahannock” signs. I first saw the sentiment on a similar sign down in Chincoteague, that lovely old fishing village on the Eastern Shore, which is now overwhelmed by developers and tourists. 

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It’s a wondrous thing to arise in the Blue Ridge Mountains, have a grand cup of fine coffee from the Rappahannock roasters, and sit out on the deck and watch nature put on its never ending show. The simple blessings are indeed the best.

Twice in the past two weeks my name has been used in these pages by friends of mine on opposite sides of a local issue (an issue on which I have no opinion). I don’t mind this per se, but I do take exception to my name being weaponized to advance a position I haven’t taken. 

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Tailgaters, the bane of courteous drivers … how to cope? Apply for vanity license plate: BACK OFF (not available). Maybe U2CLOSE? Bingo! To clarify meaning, I have a bumper sticker. Top line: NO TAILGATING; bottom line: THE CLOSER YOU GET, THE SLOWER I GO … with caricature of impish turtle.